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As a sign of gratitude for investing in the early stages of The Video Bible and becoming a monthly partner, those who sponsor a verse will get downloadable access to the art for the Book of James as it’s created.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you starting with the book of James?

James is one of the most popular books because of its practical teaching.


How will you raise the money?

With over 1,000 donors giving $20/month, we can produce the Book of James in our first year and focus on other Bible books. 

Here are exciting things God has already done:

● We have hard-to-get traction with Bible publishers, including a licensing commitment from Biblica (the nonprofit Bible division of Zondervan) to use the NIV audio Bible, narrated by Max McLean.
● We have highly talented artists devoted to the project.
● And, we have a commitment from The Gospel Coalition to share The Video Bible with their audience.

How will funding be used?

We know it’s hard to decide where to give, so we want to be upfront and transparent about how your one-time or monthly gifts will be used to bring the Book of James and other books to life in one year.

Year One Operating Budget

● Storyboarding and editing: $ 13,750.00
● Marketing, ads, social content creation: $ 23,000.00
● Admin, receipting, fundraising: $ 36,000.00
● Donor software and management: $ 15,000.00
● Voice-over talent and music: $ 42,650.00
● Compensation and benefits for artists and administrators: $ 217,475.00
Benefits include FICA, Social Security tax, and medical insurance stipend.

How quickly will you be able to produce the entire Bible?

We will work through the Bible as quickly as possible, starting with the Book of James in one year, followed by the rest of the Gospels, then the remainder of the New Testament, and finally, the Old Testament. Our primary focus is on producing the books of the Bible that introduce Jesus to the world, which we believe we can accomplish in 3.5 years once fully funded.

How will you distribute the Bible and will there be a cost to it?

As The Video Bible is created, it will be available on YouTube, YouVersion, and The Video Bible app. While an app may include advertising, it will be free for public consumption. As a monthly donor, you’ll receive early access and can help test user-friendliness.

Are you trying to replace the written word?
We are not replacing the written Bible. Digital access with audio + visual components simply makes the Word easier to consume for more people who are busy, not likely to read, or not able to read.
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